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Richard's Life Story
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Richard Pucel, founder of SONRISE Healing Ministries, had long experienced a deep realization that sorrows, wounds and afflictions existed in his own life; and he could perceive there are many others who shared these same burdens.

Richard, as a young boy, grew up in Minnesota in a catholic family. His Father was a grocery store magnet/entrepreneur. In those days business was quite different. Richard's main job was to bag the potatoes and produce for the customers. He was no stranger to hard work and learned business from the ground up.

What more can a man desire:

  • A family owned business,
  • marrying his childhood sweetheart,
  • children and wonderful home. From the world view -

The American Dream, Richard had it all!

Tragedy hit Richard in expediential dimensions -betrayal, deception, death and loss beckoned at Richard’s door. Destruction at so many levels, his heart was shattered, broken hearted. Everything he had once known was All a lie. How could it be?

Through these personal experiences, a broken heart, he began the path to healing.

In 2002 the Lord sent a prophetess to Richard’s workplace, and emphatically told him to come to a meeting nearby. She did this 3x and Richard took heed to the Word of the Lord for the Power of the Holy Spirit came upon him so strong and healed his heart.

At that point, through Richard's new-found faith in God, he stepped into profound healing in his own life and this dramatically, passionately and permanently changed his entire perspective of Who God is and what our sovereign God requires and desires for every one of his beloved creations.

As Richard shares the Word of God, the love of God, the promises of God and his personal passion for God, he was able to bring similar and profound healing's of various types of deliverance into the lives of others. Today, he is totally committed to serve the Lord who saved and healed him. He shares with hurting people the great grace our Lord.

Often, it takes someone, who has been through the trenches of such emotional battles, to be able to reach out to others and pull them out of the mire. Richard is one of those with life experienced credentials, and he has a compassionate heart toward others who have been torn by similar backgrounds and circumstances.

Through Richard’s personal experiences and training in the ministry of healing, he came to realize that there are patterns of negative behavior that spring from difficulties in relationships.

The world is inundated with homes with no Godly order, as prescribed in the Holy Bible. The result is that chaos and strife reign, family relationships break down, and hearts are torn and rendered incapable of dealing with life in a peaceful and loving manner. Conflict builds upon conflict, pressures mount rapidly and unmanageable stress takes a heavy toll on each victim.

Words of condemnation, disappointment and anger fly like fiery darts at their intended targets -- people’s hearts. And even words often misconstrued by fragile ears that have learned to anticipate only the usual expected rejection.

People normally filter new experiences through their past experiences, and thus, their thoughts that anticipate what will happen tomorrow are biased by what has happened in the past. Deep-seated feelings of betrayal, mistrust and insecurity pervade the fragile hearts of the emotionally distressed and the walking wounded. These often manifest in physical or mental disorders and “dis-eases” of various types.

Love for God and people is essential to developing faith in God and His Word, and without love and faith it is impossible to please God or to attain any kind of a trust relationship. Without love, nothing can succeed:

  • Without love there is strife internally and externally
  • Without love there is confusion, conflict and sorrow
  • Without love there is hatred toward God, self and others
  • Without love there are addictions, afflictions and bondage
  • Without love there is no foundation of faith or freedom
  • Without faith, prayer to God cannot be honored
  • Without God’s help there is no way to end the strife

    However, once someone has entered into a true love relationship with the Lord, the picture changes dramatically:

  • With love there is peace and joy internally and externally
  • With love there is clarity of mind and right purpose of heart
  • With love there is respect and appreciation for God, self and others
  • With love there are right relationships and desires toward others and things
  • With love there is a foundation of faith and the freedom that accompanies it
  • With faith, God honors prayer that is spoken in agreement with His will
  • With God’s help, all things are possible

When most people receive love, it is normally of a conditional nature, which creates the perception that failure to perform as expected will always result in rejection from the people whose affection is most needed and desired. Everyone needs unconditional love and a profound sense of realizing they are valued and appreciated. Few ever attain consummation of that deep-seated need. Addictions of all types are examples of how many fill their lives with hollow substitutes for the unconditional love they deeply crave.

Richard has found the only true solution to the maladies of mankind, and it is his mission to help distressed people in their quest for physical, mental or emotional healing. That solution can be found in the practical application of the principles and promises outlined in the Word of God, which at its core is all about attaining and maintaining love relationships with our Lord and with people in our lives.

In 2003 SONRISE Healing Ministries was spoken into existence through confirmation of Richards’ heart through the Word of the Lord from Keith Miller, Prophet of the Lord.

Again and again the Lord continues to confirm to SRHM that we are to help bridge the gap of the church, healing and God’s Word.

In 2006 Again the Lord speaks of ministry to Richard through the prophet of the Lord, Keith Miller. He confirmed what Richard had been shown and told by God’s Word that he was an instrument to reach many in the Marketplace, network and become very instrumental and the finances of the world would bring about healing in others in the Workplace Ministry called Global Human Management.

  • Are you sick of the doctors and medication(s)?
  • Are you tired of being sick and tired?
  • Are you tired of healing lines?
  • Are you still reading the word of God with NO results or faith in your life?

If you have any questions, please contact or call 1-888-292-4779. We would love to hear from you!

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